"This is something we are very excited to get behind and support!  Clean water is a sustainable solution and will greatly impact future generations to come.  Joelle Fletcher

We support organizations in the community and around the globe that provide therapy and care to at-risk children who have endured abuse and severe neglect.

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With the lack of clean water and adequate sanitation facilities at schools, children are often sick, miss class or abandon the education system.

  • Supporting schools in Bangledesh
  • Church of Hope, Entebbe, Uganda
  • Support of March of Dimes 
  • Support of the Brain Cancer Society

Hope in Action

The Patton Hope Foundation was formed by Matthew and Benjamin Patton in an effort to change the lives of struggling families and children in our community and around the world. Patton Hope serves to assist in the needs of abused and neglected children in our global-family.  





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"Kids are our future and being able to invest to the well being of generations ahead is the greatest reward within itself.  It's the greatest honor to be able to be make a difference in the improvement of peoples lives” Matt Patton



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Nearly two thirds of Nepal’s population experiences disease related illnesses due to poor water or sanitation, and 60% of childhood deaths in Nepal result from malnutrition, exacerbated by having to drink unsanitary water.

PHF is proud to announce the commitment of a new water well to a school in Nepal

Through the support of our Partners we are able to allocate resources in the most efficient way to reach optimal results in child advocacy charities.  

The Patton Hope Foundation aligns itself with Charities in the community and around the globe with similar values to protect children from abuse and neglect.

Serving our global community in the healthy recovery of children who have suffered from abuse and neglect

The  PAtton  Hope Foundation  is a 501 (c) (3) - EIN  24194696


for Healing

"Thanks to partnership through Charity Water and Splash we are able to extend our outreach programs to helping kids with the upmost desire" Ben Patton



  • Endowment at the 'ARCH Center' in Children's Medical Center
  • Funding for surviving family members of deceased seamen
  • Microfinance in India 
  • Supporting inner- city kids through ASAP


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